Pozao, "cheers"in Dao language, is the symbol of

fraternity, conviviality, sharing

Travel. Discovery. Culture. Encounters.



   Our agency does not want to join a purely mercantile approach, that is selling trips and exoticism. We first want to introduce the country to you, privileging its cultural richness, its exceptional beauty, its wonderful people, and its extraordinary diversity.



By putting the accent on cultural encounters through video reports, articles, photo exhibitions, and travel notes, we wish to inform you, interest you, to make you know and understand Vietnam to the fullest, and to give you the desire to come back again and again.


It is then your wish to come and discover our country which we will try to satisfy by offering our local agency services.



With our programmes, we wish to privilege Man and encounters. Conscious of the dangers of tourism, we wish to handle an intelligent and responsible tourism based on the respect of the person, the cultures, and nature, to make possible the link between the desire to discover the world and to enrich ourselves, and the recognition of the Other as such, with his traditions and his history.



We take great pride to practice a tourism which least disturbs the country and regions social and economic system, and which tends to a perspective of durable development. To do so, we work with partners who are sensitive to those notions of equity, solidarity, and environmental and human respect.



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